Meet The Doctor

shapeimage 5 Meet The DoctorWelcome to Bear Canyon Health Circle Specializing in Chiropractic Wellness and Home of the Sunroom Chiropractic Style.

Our bottom line has always been what works.

The inspiration that Created the Sunroom was a Musical Quartet.

Why have all our healing practitioners locked away from each other in little rooms. One playing the flute, the other the cello.

Bring them Together – find the Synergy Between their Healing Skills.

Let them Harmonize Together.

And the concept for the Sunroom was born.

Chiropractic and Massage.

Healing Hands with the Most Modern Tools.

Add a dash of cranial harmonics; a bit of Eastern Needle Therapy; a gentle-thorough whole body chiropractic adjustment; target those deep muscle tension points that never seem to let go; give you exercises and suggestions to leave your body fluid in its movements; graceful and long in its posture.

Reclaim your energy and vitality – Welcome to the Sunroom;

It’s a Symphony. Leave Shining.

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